Georgia : My dream place

At the age of six years old I came to know about the existence of a beautiful country… Georgia.

I started watching videos belonging to Georgian tourist places like Georgia aquarium, Ali and Nino moving statutes, Georgian’s lifestyle and many more. Trust me all these videos fascinated me in such a way that my childish brain thought ” If I were a butterfly , I would definitely fly away and go there.

I told my father about this wish but he gave me some spurious expressions as if me and my feelings are just made to be ignored🥺🥺

But I know myself…..I holds such an obstinative personality or I can say that I am having a ghost in me who is very difficult to please. After that I tried another idea of writing a wish letter to the god. Waited for months but nothing happened… wish was getting blurred. I became upset, started crying sitting in front of my aquarium…, my wish and my fish were all alone.

Today I crossed my teen age and still waiting for that wish to be completed. May god give each child a wishman who can complete all the wishes……

And now my status is…… WAITING FOR MY WISHMAN.


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